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Flowers are beautiful gift of nature. We can use them as a room decoration, to bid a welcome, lay a stress on solemn moment or to inspire a freshness into the room.


Sanjski šopek (Dreamy bunch) offers you a unique wedding bunch,

car decoration, decoration of solemn and ceremonial areas and  a wedding cake and snacks decoration. In the whole charm of wedding day will be together with the bride in the centre of attention also her wedding bunch.  That is why it is most welcome to take your time to pick the flowers

for your bunch, express your wishes and we can help you with our professional advices.  When picking the right wedding bunch we need to consider the type of wedding, for which the bride and the groom

have decided (romantic, natural, minimalistic, elegant, modern, vintage, …).


Also important are the season of wedding, color and model of bride’s dress, hair and eyes color of the bride and her figure.  With these details we can adapt the wedding bunch to the bride even better and in the end it looks in her arms even dreamier!


With our professional knowledge and creativity we conjure out dreamy flower decorations.

Wedding bouquets

While choosing the wedding bouquet we need to consider the style of your wedding that you have chosen (romantic, natural, minimalistic, elegant, modern, …).

Important is the season, when the wedding will happen, color and model of wedding dress, color of hair and eyes and bride’s figure.

Considering these details, when choosing flowers and form of a bouquet, the wedding bouquet adapts to the bride even better and looks especially gorgeous in her hands.

Wedding BoutonniÈRES

Wedding bouquet defines a look and design of a wedding boutonnière.

It is made out of flowers that compose the wedding bouquet. Corsage of a bridegroom varies in gorgeousness from corsages of both witnesses to a marriage.  Wedding guests usually wear corsages, made out of dried or silk flowers.

The uniqueness of wedding boutonnières is achieved through little details that make the boutonnières despite smallness very noticeable.


The thread of all wedding decorations is bride’s wedding bouquet.

While choosing the bridesmaids’ bouquets the choice can be wider and free. Bridesmaids can have in their bouquets completely different flowers, but they need to match with the color of bride’s bouquet.

Wedding ring


Wedding wristbands

Wristband, made out of flowers, suits every woman’s hand and makes her even more elegant. Usually a wristband is worn by witnesses to a marriage or bridesmaids.

Car decoration

Bride’s wedding bouquet should be the guidance at decoration of the car.

We will enchant the wedding car with a mix of your wishes and our imagination into a fairy-tale carriage that will take you to your dreams

come true.

Bouquets for

special occasions

Every path to a victory is built up through diligence, hard work and renouncement- should this be a sport, cultural or academic achievement.


With shake of a hand, sincere look into eyes and a flower compliment we honor and show our respect to the celebrating person and her/his work and we afford joy with her/him at succeeded achievement.


For such an opportunity we at Sanjski šopek prepare a unique, exclusive and unforgettable bouquet that will express congratulations, respect and joy.

Table decoration and festal rooms

That the joy of your new chapter in life will be even more beautiful, we pleasantly decorate the festal room with flowers, indicated by the bride’s bouquet.


With unobtrusive language of flowers and details will the table decorations themselves invite the guests to share with you joy and keep your distinctive wedding day in unforgettable memory.

Garden lights

Gifts arrangements

Properly arranged gift gets a unique look and greater value. When at a loss and do not know how to arrange a gift for definite purpose, just contact us.


We will be glad to help you out and consult and decorate a gift for you.

Church decoration

Softness and beauty of chosen flowers with little details will add to your wedding cake a new dimension and fascinate invited guest with sophisticated style.

Cake decoration

Metka Sporiš, dipl. ing. agronomije in hortikulture

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